Cindy Miller Lundquist

Cindy was born in Mt. Home, Idaho, and attended Curtis High School and Burley High School in Idaho. She attended Idaho State University. Cindy played various positions on the softball diamond, playing with the Asarco Polecats and 1979 Polar Bears team. She considers playing for Coach Pollen to be the highlight of her career.

I played softball for nearly 22 years.  I am 2nd oldest of 6 children.  My dad was in the Air Force and was stationed in Mt. Home Idaho until we moved to Tacoma when I was 4 years old.  I started playing fast pitch in 2nd grade at St. Charles Catholic School, until we changed to Curtis Junior High, where I then met my friend, Terry Pollen and started playing on the Asarco Polecats team for several years.  We moved my Junior Year in High School to Burley Idaho and unfortunately, they only had slow pitch teams so when I moved back to Tacoma four years later in 1979, after college, it was a little rough getting back in shape to play fast pitch.  I remember first coming back to play for the team and I couldnít catch a single ball hit at me.  Iíve always played pitcher, second base and short stop, but somehow I just didnít have what it took and I remember everyone shaking their heads and Darvee Olsen asking and wondering why Dick allowed me back on the team. Coach Pollen, knowing my abilities, put me out in left field until I could get back in the swing of things (no pun intended).

I was so embarrassed that I went home and asked my dad, who was a very good baseball player himself for many years, to help me learn how to catch left field.  He hit ball after ball to me until my depth perception and eye hand coordination became refined.  I put it in my head that I would catch anything and everything that came my direction.  And so the season beganÖ

With Trish Hackett up to the plate most of the time hitting Home Runs, Terry Pollen being one of the finest catchers and all around ball players, Margaret Cassidy being an incredible catcher as well, Lorie Timberman, the pitching queen, Kris Lemon running everything down in Right Field, Jody Grace stopping everything at shortstop and the rest of the team working together like a well run machine, we began an incredible season. Dick Pollen, our coach. knew the game and truly should be voted all time coach in the history of the world! He lived and breathed the game not just for our team, but for many years to come, including his grandchildren. He could remember every minute of every game like he had just watched it. He built strong fundamentals and team synergy and leadership!. We could never speak any negative and he helped us to always encourage our team mates. I could go on and on about him!!! We pray many blessings on him and his family as sadly, he is no longer with us, but will be well remembered as he leaves his legacy behind. We are here to honor him!.  

There are many wonderful memories, but the play I remember most is the game that put us into championship playoffs. We were ahead by 1 run, with the other team up to bat with their heaviest hitter and a runner on first. The ball was cranked high into left center field. I knew it was waaaaaay over my head, so I just turned and ran as fast as I could to try and keep her from getting to home plate to win the game. I ran and I ran and I ran and at the last minute, I did not think I had a chance in a lifetime of catching that ball but I gave it a shot and leaped up as high as I could go and that ball landed in my mitt. The runner on first was rounding 3rd base, so I threw it as hard as I could to first base and we made a double play to win the game!

Thank you for this opportunity to re-unite with my team mates! We are very appreciative of all your efforts in putting this together. What wonderful memories you have brought back to each of us.

Cindy lives in Cathedral City, Calif., working in computer programming and sales.