Fred Rickert

Born in Longbranch, Rickert attended Vaughn high school and graduated from Moclips high in 1940. He was a standout baseball player in high school and played both semi-pro and professional baseball in the late 40s after a four-year stint with UDT forces in the United Stales Navy. An outfielder for the most part, he also pitched an occasion but it was Rickert's hitting which established him as one of the area's finest players. Brother Marv was a big-league performer and Fred played with the Ogden Reds for Manager Pip Koehler along with Stan Naccarato, and for the Tacoma Tigers in 1946. Centerfield was his domain and pitchers around the Tacoma area learned very early that it was impossible to get him out on a "bad" pitch. Rickert hit it no matter where it crossed the plate. He was one of the leading hitters (a near .400 batting average) in City League play for years with K Street's perennial champions, the Tacoma Bafflers, Criswells, and Olde Pilsner and he starred in Valley League play with Edgewood, Madigan and Phil's. In 1948 he managed the Longbranch team which met the CheneyStuds far the state semi-pro championship. Fred pitched and won the championship game but it later was learned that one of the tournament pickup players for Longbranch was not eligible, and the Studs were advanced to regionals.