Gordy Bendick

He started in baseball in junior high and high school (Stadium) but fast pitch became the sport he truly treasured in the late 40s and early 50s when he was a standout shortstop on Tacoma teams which won league and regional championships. His 1946 season at Stadium had a happy ending when the Tigers won a state championship in baseball. In fast pitch, Bendick played on the powerhouse teams of that era: Wheeler Osgood, Wood Realty, Ben’s Truck Parts and the Irwin Jones Dodgers. Later he played Slow Pitch for Gilchrist Buick but Bendick’s role on championship teams in fast pitch tell the story of his abilities. Team-mates and rival players alike all have spoken glowingly of his consistency, and the words “good hitter” and “steady fielder” are typical of their evaluations and validation of his Hall of Fame selection.