2004 Hall of Fame Inductees FASTPITCH
Margaret Zepeda

Margaret came to Tacoma from San Antonia, Texas in 1954. An avid softball player and future coach, Margaret met Harry Esborg, owner and operator of Hollywood Boat and Motor, and sold him the idea of sponsoring a womenís softball team. As the sponsor, Esborg was a real gentleman, according to Zepeda. He was very likable, attended all of the games, and traveled with and totally supported the team.

Margaret put together a very competitive group with players from local recreation teams. Included on the team was Louise Mazzucca, a 14 year-old phenom with a big windmill windup. Louise had all the tools to be a great pitcher but she suffered from wildness. Margaret worked with Louise and taught her patience and accuracy to go along with her great speed and skill.

At this time in the mid-50ís womenís softball was at its height. HB&M played in the Evergreen Travel league, playing against teams in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Canada. HB&M played their home games at Peck Field, hosting teams from Salt Lake City, Utah; California, and Arizona. HB&M also played host to the great Charlotte Armstrong, a famous softball pitcher who could pitch from the mound, second base, or centerfield. It didnít matter because she was still unhittable.

The softball uniform worn by Zepeda was designed by Armstrong and was the type worn by most of the teams throughout womenís softball. Over the years HB&M won their share of games and enjoyed their share of travel and the competition of meeting strong talented teams.

The coaching and organization was Margaretís responsibility as well as playing third base. She stayed with the team from 1955 through 1957 and then moved back to Texas to coach the Houston Comets. Margaret had the distinct honor of having the most wins as a coach in the history of Texas womenís fastpitch. As a player-coach she was selected to the All-American team in 1962. Margaret was also awarded Coach of the Year honors from 1985-88. She coached and guided many All-American players to include a gold medal winner on the USA Softball Team in the Pan Am Games. She is in the Texas Hall of Fame for softball, is a retired Executive for the IRS and still resides in Houston.