Marian Ricono (Dubois Stahl)

L. to R.: Marian Ricono (Dubois Stahl), Unknown, and Betty Rowan (Bland Hart)

Marian Ricono first appeared in the annals of Pierce County women’s fastpitch in 1940 as a member of the Blue Streaks. She played shortstop on the team that was among the first to play organized ball in the area along with the Tacoma Tigerettes and Lincoln Electric.

In the spring of 1945, Tacoma area women’s fastpitch changed with the formation of the Women's City Softball League. In both 1945 and 1946, league champion Lincoln Electric went on to win state championships under coach Bob Huegel. Tony Riconiscuito, owner of Lincoln Electric and brother of team member Marian Ricono, agreed to sponsor the team. Practices and home games were played at Jefferson Playfield and road games often meant trips to Seattle, Canada or Bremerton. Lincoln Electric played 1944 national champion Lind-Pomeroy from Portland and ace pitcher Betty Evans for the right to go to nationals, but the local squad managed just one hit and two total base runners in two games.