Mel Burrell

Mel Burrell excelled on both the ball field and the gridiron growing up, and he carried that talent into a stellar football career in high school and college and an equally impressive slowpitch career.

Born in Puyallup on December 31, 1947, Burrell was a two-time All-State lineman on the football field at Franklin Pierce High School. He also garnered All-American recognition on the gridiron before continuing to play at Washington State University. He graduated from Franklin Pierce in 1966 and WSU in 1971.

Even before he was finished in high school, Burrell was competing on the slowpitch circuit. He was an All-Star baseball player at Franklin Pierce, and those skills translated to the slowpitch diamond as well. He began his career in 1965 with the Lillywhites, winning several County League titles from 1965-69.

Burrell spent time with Lucky Lager (1971), Wested Tire, (1972-73) and the Cloverleaf Tavern (1974-75) before wrapping up his career with Cody's Tavern teams from 1976-79. He played outfield and remembered joining his classmates to frustrate older players in the league with their success, with each earning his fair share of home run and battle titles, along with All-Star and MVP trophies.

Reflecting upon his induction into the TPC Oldtimers Slowpitch Hall of Fame category Mel commented, "Looking back at all the good athletes that have come and gone from our area I am honored to be considered in the same league as them."