Roy Archer

Born in St. Charles, Minnesota, Roy Archer came to Tacoma bout 1900. He operated a candy store (confectionary) at South 38th ^ Yakima and later opened “Roy Archer’s Place” at South 19th & K St. around 1940. He retired in 1953.

Roy Archer's involvement in Tacoma baseball is best told by the city newspaper's sports editor at the time, Elliott Metcalf.

Writing in his column, “Thinking It Over with Elliott Metcalf," the noted sports writer indicated that the City Baseball League had pretty much failed until Roy Archer was slipped into the lead position midway through the 1932 season. Through hard work, enthusiasm and energy, interest in the league started to pick up. By the time the 1933 playoffs rolled around, crowds of 3,000 packed Lincoln Bowl to watch Superior Dairy defeat Olympic Ice Cream, three games to two.

Elliott is quoted, “From the beginning to end the circuit functioned perfectly. Not by chance. Not by luck. But simply by clear, sensible headwork on the part of the officials, led by Roy Archer, 38th and Yakima businessman.

“As a statistician, publicity agent, capable worker, he has never been surpassed in the history of the City League. He has been a tower of strength, a powerful influence, but I’m afraid, terribly underrated. When you go passing out laurels for the circuit’s success, turn your face and hand to the old-timer. He’s been the essence of energy and ability. Believe me.”

Archer, for many years president of the Tacoma Baseball League, died in 1962.