2003 Hall of Fame Inductees SLOWPITCH
Dave Bishop

A graduate of Tacoma's Lincoln High and the University of Washington, Bishop played baseball as a youngster on various Boys Club teams but it was Slow Pitch softball in 1964 which gained him recognition as one of the area's top performers. He played first base for the Player's Tavern that year before being picked-up by Northwest powerhouse Heidelberg where he was a member of state and regional championship teams on a regular basis. He was a six-year standout with Heidelberg and earned selection to several all-tournament teams. Always a consistent hitter, he was regarded as one of the best defensive players in the region. He didn't play high school baseball because of Dick Hannula, then Lincoln's swim coach. Hannula convinced him to be a diver on the Abe swim team and he won the state diving championship. Among his team-mates in youth baseball were San Francisco bonus baby Cap Peterson and southpaw pitching stars Larry Loughlin and Ken Schulz.