Ed Yusko

Born July 16, 1925 in Tacoma and passed away on August 29, 1991. He graduated from Puyallup High School in 1946. Ed played briefly for Cammarano Bros in the 40's as well as in the shipyard leagues. In 1946 he played for the Puyallup Oilers followed by Phil's Tavern of Edgewood in 1947 under the guidance of Hal Schimling and later on for K Street in the City League under the watchful eye of manager Gus Paine. Ed was both a pitcher and shortstop and in 1946 he was invited by the Seattle Rainiers to work out with the team at shortstop. A bad-hop ball however smashed three fingers thus delaying his tryout. He did, however, have the privilege of playing with Joe DiMaggio and Whitey Ford while serving in the 8th Army Headquarters in the Phillipines.