Jim Ennis

Started career at age 8 chasing after balls at the old Seattle Indians Park in Rainier Valley....Played catcher for the Munson High Stars, the first American Legion team organized in Seattle.... Played three years at 2B for Broadway High.... Played 2B and Catcher while attending C.P.S. and then coached C.P.S. to the conference title in 1936....Mel Miller, John Milroy, Frank Plouf, Les Briggs, and Jess Brooks were on that team....Erling Tollefson was also on that C.P.S. squad and they were playing Linfield for the divisional title. Going into the bottom of the ninth the score was 0-0 and C.P.S. got a man on first to open the inning. To quote Jimmy "any dummy knew a bunt was in order to get the man in scoring position, but anyone who knew Erling during his college career knew he was a free spirit but a loveable guy." Jim was coaching at third base and when Erling, their #4 hitter, came to bat Jimmy flashed him the bunt sign. Erling didn't look and Jimmy kept yelling at him but there was no way he wanted to bunt. Before Jim could call a time out Erling stepped into the box and hit the first pitch over the left field fence and C.P.S. won the championship....Played for Superior Dairy in City League and got extensive playing time because Les Bishop broke his ankle....Played for Tacoma Tigers in the Timber League under John Heinrick and was added to the Johnson Paint club in 1937 when they went to nationals.