Pat Kelly

It is said of Pat Kelly that he never pitched in a fastpitch softball game that he didn't remember, and when you have pitched in nearly 1,000 games between 1954 and 1974, that is some kind of memory. It also describes Pat's love for the game.

Pat started his pitching career with St. Rita's in the Church League, a very active league during the era. Pat was a dominant pitcher for seven seasons with St. Rita's, and with several of his teammates was picked up by the Longshoremen. He pitched with that team until for six years. He finished his hurling career with Puget Sound Bank from 1968 until 1974.

Any fan of the Seattle Mariners knows who Jamie Moyer is, and what he does to be successful as a major league pitcher. Moyer has used a great changeup and a lot of guile to win more than 200 games in the "bigs." Pat Kelly was his era's Moyer - not a great deal of velocity, but an intelligent and tenacious competitor.

His ability and competitive nature made him a favorite of various teams who needed an extra pitcher for invitational tournaments, and as a result he pitched in as many as 78 games in a year. He earned many all-tournament and tournament MVP awards and played in several regional tournaments.

Pat was born in Tacoma in 1939 and graduated from Stadium High School in 1958.