Vic Martineau

Vic graduated from Bellarmine in 1942 and attended CPS that fall where, as a freshman, he was a halfback under coach Frank Patrick. As the fastest player on the team, he was known as Vanishing Vic, however his football and baseball career at the College of Puget Sound was interrupted by World War II. After a tour of service he returned to CPS in 1946.

Hal Schimling, a good friend of Vic, had a connection with the House of David barnstorming tour team and whenever they came into the area Hal would play a few games with them as a catcher. Hal asked Vic to join him for a game down in Aberdeen where the House of David was playing a team out of Grays Harbor that was comprised of a number of University of Washington baseball team members.

Vic went along and played in the game under the assumed name of "Bud Barnes" because he didn't want to lose his college playing eligibility but someone turned him in anyway. Since the House of David team was in need of good pitchers, they signed him to play for the team in 1947 for $350/month. His good friend from Tacoma, Cliff Schiesz, was also on the team as a second baseman and was making $400/month.

"Everything was paid in cash, so when it was time for us to get paid, they would call us into a room, one by one, to pay us," noted Vic.

"In 1947 we played about 75 games, traveling from town to town in a bus. We played in what seemed like every small farming town west of the Mississippi that year from Davenport, Iowa to Lincoln, Nebraska. We played up in Canada in cities such as Medicine Hat, Swift Current and Calgary and down in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico in a bullring that they used for a makeshift field. We even played in Kansas City against the great Kansas City Monarchs with Satchel Paige on the mound in front of 28,000 people," Martineau recalled.

"In 1948, my second year with the House of David, I would pitch one day, take the next day off, and then play the outfield until it was my turn to pitch," stated Vic. "I had over 400 at-bats that year," he said, and I had an 8-2 record as well.

After the House of David team finished playing in 1948,Vic signed on in August to help out the Tacoma Tigers of the WIL under player/manager Earl Kuper. He had hopes of winning a job with the club in spring training of 1949 but things didn't work out. Vic did, however, team up with brother LaVerne to play in the Timber/Valley League for the Phil's Place semi-pro team out of Edgewood with teammates that included Frank "Buck" Morrone, Dave Minnitti, Frank Bonaro, Pete Sabutis, Hank Semmern, and Fred Rickert. And, he also pitched and played outfield for the K Street team of the Tacoma City League during the'49 season as well.