Clarence Stave

Clarence Stave was the "dean" of umpires in Tacoma-Pierce County and for more than 30 years he was "the man in blue" for Tacoma City League, Western International League and Pacific Coast League games.

His umpiring was legendary. Clay Huntington, longtime Tacoma sportscaster, remembers him behind home plate in Tacoma City League and Timber League games at the old Lincoln Bowl before the days of public address systems. "He would welcome the crowd and introduce the players in addition to his umpiring duties," Clay recalls, "and he was not only a terrific umpire, he was quite a showman!" This writer remembers watching some of those games as a little kid who sneaked over the fence, and clearly Clarence Stave was an entertainer while maintaining complete control. He was the first umpire most of us can remember, and he was one of the very best. He was with Sears and Roebuck for 25 years and a member of the Tacoma Elks for 37 years. Clarence lived in Tacoma most of his life and passed away in 1973 at the age of 76.