Jim Wolcott

Jim Wolcott was born on Sept. 15, 1938 in Ft. Robinson, Nebraska and graduated from White River High School in Buckley in 1957. Jim earned seven letters in his high school career-two each in basketball and football and three in baseball. �As a senior, he led the football team in pass receptions and interceptions, was the leading scorer in basketball and he had the highest batting average on the baseball team. �In his senior year, there were only three 3-sport lettermen in school that year (1956-57) David Baker, brother Jan, and himself.

Jim attended Green River Community College and served in the Army where he got in some baseball there as well where he was named first team, All-Army 1st baseman in the Pacific Region. He also played about 15 years of recreation basketball as well.

Jim played a significant role in helping Tacoma youth develop their athletic abilities by serving as executive director of the East Side Boys Club from 1963 until his retirement 35 years later.

Wolcott played baseball and softball for many years with teams such as Renton, B&B Hardwood, Pederson Fryers, Emery Motors, Lucky Lager and Glenco. He recalls earning tournament all-star honors approximately 12-15 times and was tournament MVP on two occasions. Many of his slowpitch comrades will remember Jim for being one of the steadiest, sure-handed first sackers around with a knack for clutch hitting.

Jan and Jim Wolcott