2008 Marv Scott Coaches Award

Barry Crust

Barry Crust, born on April 28, 1945 in St. Paul, Minn., has spent most of his life at one sporting venue or another, whether it was a baseball, softball or football field, a wrestling mat, a track or a cross country course.

He participated in most all of those sports at Hudtloff Junior High School from 1957-60, and he remembers learning from a pair of great coaches in Jack McStott and Ron Storaasli. He moved on to Clover Park High where baseball, basketball and cross country were on his sports menu from 1960-63. His coaches included Dick Mason, Merle Hagbo and Holly Gee.

Those five coaches played a significant role in Barry's development as an athlete, and as a person. "These five gentlemen influenced me so much in the importance of sportsmanship, fair play, dedication to the game and athletic technique. I owe them my decision to become a coach. They truly shaped my life by their example."

After graduating in 1967 from Central Washington State College, where he played baseball for two years, Barry returned to his roots - Hudtloff Junior High - and has coached baseball at Hudtloff for 40 years, and he is also in his 13th year as fastpitch coach at the school. His record in both sports is remarkable. His Hudtloff baseball teams have compiled a 236-153 record from 1969-2007, including the 1976 team that was 12-0 with 10 shutouts while allowing an average of just two hits per game. Barry's fastpitch coaching record is even more impressive: Hudtloff has gone 92-22 from 1996-2007, including four straight unbeaten seasons.

His coaching resume at the school doesn't end with baseball and fastpitch, but it is as long as a tape-measure home run: 31 years in wrestling, 26 years in football, two years in basketball and one year each in volleyball and track & field.

Barry recalls that his time in the Clover Park School District has been filled with learning from great coaches, and working alongside great coaches. Among that latter group are Foister Amburgy, Dick Zatkovich, Ray Bennett, Mike Dahl, Darleen Peterson, Marty Walsh, Lance Wilson, Don McPherson, Bill Barrett, Catherine Wood and Kevin Krench. Barry says that the group, "�Ķall made coaching young men and women their passion and I respect them all for their devotion to junior high school athletics."

Barry continued his own athletic endeavors after college, playing softball for Durobilt Furniture, 21-21 Tavern, Schooner Tavern and various other teams until 1986. He also played basketball for Durobilt, 21-21 Tavern and Schooner Tavern, once scoring 58 points in a contest and netting 48 for Durobilt in a championship game.

The only time that Barry hasn't been around Clover Park School District sports came during his four years (1963-67) at Central, and even then he spent the summers back in the area working with Hagbo and Jim Pelander on the baseball fields maintenance crews.

That's six decades of involvement in Clover Park, and he's planning on a seventh.